What is the LuckyDuckClub?

The LuckyDuckClub is where you can enter 14 CASH giveaways every month for only £5.

What happens when you REGISTER?

Every one who registers is given the FREE membership. When your a FREE member you get entered into ALL the FREE member giveaways where you can win MONTHLY memberships.

What is the MONTHLY membership?

When you become a MONTHLY member your entered into 14 CASH giveaways each month. Theres one every other day.

How to cancel the MONTHLY membership?

If you want to cancel your MONTHLY membership you can downgrade it to the FREE membership instantly from your account dashboard or chose not to renew it at the end of the month. Your membership will then automatically be downgraded to the FREE membership.

How many GIVEAWAYS are there?

When your a MONTHLY member you will be entered into 14 draws each month. One every other day.

When your a FREE member you will be entered into 4 each month. One every week.

How is the WINNER selected?

On the day of the draw we will assign a random number to each participant and the winner will be chosen live on our facebook page using a random number generator.

How is the PRIZE MONEY calculated?

On the day of the draw 70% of the MONTHLY membership fees generated is divided by 14  (14 is the amount of draws a member gets to enter each month).That is the prize money for the draw on that day.

Heres an example: 500 MONTHLY members @ £5 = £2500 > 70% = £1750 divide by 14 draws = £125.
That would mean the prize money for each of the 14 draws would be £125.

There is no limit to how many times one member can WIN. If your lucky you could WIN all 14 giveaways, £2500 for ONLY £5.

When the number of members increase so does the prize money.

What is the AFFILIATE option?

When you sign up as an affiliate you will get a personal url assigned to your account. You can share this url with anyone and when they click on it and buy a MONTHLY membership you get 10% commission added to your account instantly. When you reach £50 you can withdraw it to your bank or paypal account.

What are the PAYMENT options?

Payments are made to us through PAYPAL. You dont need a paypal account yourself. You can just enter your card details during check out.

What happens when someone WINS?

We will contact the WINNER via phone, facebook or email straight after the draw has taken place and pay them via bank transfer or paypal.


Go Here to register.

Go Here to upgrade to the MONTHLY membership.